Take advantage of a unique opportunity to generate funds for your team. This program allows teams to “pre-sell” books at, or close to, the suggested retail price while taking advantage of a discounted buying price for volume purchases.

A minimum of 50 books must be purchased to qualify for the fundraising discount of 40% off the suggested retail selling price (SRSP). This offer is available to recognized teams, leagues and associations.

Remember, to order single copies of any title (fundraising discounts are not applicable), please go to the Books page of this site.

Ordering Brady Brady Books is as Easy as 1-2-3-4

This process is for Bulk Fundraising Orders only – 40 books or more and allows you to take advantage of discount pricing.

Click on the following links to proceed with the bulk order process.

Print off this form, The Book Selection Form, and distribute it to player/seller to promote book sales.

Print off this form, The Order Form, and distribute it to the player/seller for tracking sales.

The Book Selection Form should be included with this form. Have the player/seller return their completed form to the fundraising organizer with funds collected.

Print this form, The Summary Sheet, for the fundraising organizer to tabulate the total books ordered and the total funds collected.

The fundraising organizer should print the following Fax Form.

Transfer all summary sheet totals to the final FAX FORM. Please complete the entire form. In the final box, indicate the following:

• total number of books sold

• the total amount collected (the number of books sold x the amount you sold the books for – or the purchase price)

• the total amount owing (the total number of books sold x the purchase price your organization is paying for the books – or the discounted price). Add the shipping cost as indicated and 6% GST to the total. (Canadian orders only).

Fax this form to Volumes Distributing at 519-578-4743

Book Pricing Recommendations

As a fundraising item, it is suggested that you set the selling price for the books. The retail selling price of the books is approximately $6.99 CDN / $5.95 US plus applicable taxes. A recommended selling price is $7.50 CDN including taxes or $6.00 US.