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“Brady Brady scores with fun, sportsmanship, teamwork and fair play!”

Bobby Orr, NHL Hall of Famer

“As has been the case in all of the books, Temple’s illustrations accurately reflect the characters’ emotions and contain additional details that youngsters can “read” on their own after the text has been read to them – Highly Recommended.”

– Dave Jenkinson, CM Magazine Editor

“Brady Brady wins with heart and respect!”

Cassie Campbell, Olympic Medalist for Team Canada, Broadcaster

“Clearly the silence that fell around the room when Mr. Temple (illustrator) read Brady Brady and the Runaway Goalie to the Hess Street students proved the series is captivating, humorous and teaches a lesson.”

Julie Slack, Stoney Creek News

“My family’s introduction to the Brady Brady series occurred a few years ago through a Hockey Mom/Teacher who suggested the books to get my own sons reading. Both of my sons picked out a Brady Bradybook at our schools’ bookfair; Brady Brady and the Great Exchange and Brady Brady and the Super Skater. My kids were hooked, and we’ve been reading the books over and over ever since… What more can a hockey mom ask for; a book that her child is actually interested in, AND that reinforces all those messages that we are trying to embed in our children day after day.”

– Theresa Dolstar, HockeyMominCanada