Read what Brady Brady fans are saying!

Our son, Thomas, is two and loves your book, Brady,Brady and the great rink. He loved your book so much that he had to sleep with the book when his Oma took it out of the Library! He wouldn’t go to bed unless he had it with him! I will be looking to buy all of your books so that the whole family can enjoy them! Thanks so much for your books. They will quickly become a family favorite!

Hi! I discovered your books in the Toronto airport while I was on a stopover. I can’t wait to give my godson Nicholas his first Brady book – at almost 5 he’s a hockey fanatic. I was wondering if there is any associated merchandise (hockey jerseys, t-shirts,etc) available?

The only other thing that Brandon loves more than hockey itself, is Brady Brady, he can’t get enough your books!!!!!!! They are well written!!! We read at least two every night!!!!!! Keep up the awesome stories Brady Brady!!!!!

I love your books! I am wondering what is your favourite position to play in hockey? Also what sport do you play in the winter? Right now I’m playing lacrosse, baseball and soccer in the winter I play hockey though. Maybe you could come visit me at my school its the Chatsworth Public School. I think in Brady’s next book his Grampa should come visit him and watch one of his games where brady scores the winning goal because I always like it when my grampa comes and watches me (and I always want to score the winning goal).

Hi My name is Ethan. I got my first Brady Brady books when I was 9 months old. I am now 3 1/2 years old and still read them. We went to the book store the other day and found three more new titles. They are my favorite books. In fact my daddy made me a rink in our backyard and I like to go outside and pretend that I am Brady Brady playing on the greatest rink ever as that is my most favorite book. I have now introduced the books to my younger sister and she really likes them too. Keep up the good work and I look forward to more new books.


Tree…Are you really as tall as a tree?

Chester…I really liked you in the book the run away goalie. I loved the way you stopped the puck on the last page. Keep up the great work! I made your trading card first.

My mother sent us the Brady Brady books a few moths ago from Canada. We have 3 boys ages 4,5 & 6. They adore Brady Brady and want to know why they didn’t get a cool double name when they were born. They have taken the books to school and told all the kids here about this wonderful game called hockey!

Thank you so much, and please keep them coming!

Hi, I was at a fundraiser this weekend and saw some Brady Brady trading cards and posters, unfortunately, I was out bidded for the items but know that my son would just love to have these (if they are available)He LOVES Brady Brady!!!! Thanks!!!!

PS:I’m not sure who likes the books more, myself or my son Nolan.

Hi Brady Brady

I think that your stories are great, and always very fun. Tree is my favorite character and my favorite hockey player. Maybe if your in my neighbourhood you can all stop in for a game of shiny.

I love your books! It used to be so hard to find children’s books about hockey. I think it’s great that someone has been able to give children the exposure to hockey that Brady Brady does. I have two nieces that didn’t understand the concept of sports and being part of a team. I read them your books and now they are asking me more and more about hockey. My newborn daughter, Mallory, loves the colours and pictures in the stories and listens so well when I read Brady Brady to her. Keep up the great work!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am a mother of two tom boys Sabrina 10 and Chelsia 7. Both girls love hockey and play the game. Sabrina is the only girl on her team and Chelsia is one of two girls. The reason for my note to you is because of my daughters love for hockey but not of reading. Since I discovered your wonderful Brady Brady books both girls have found a love for reading. Sabrina is now reading books in her age group but adores reading Brady Brady books to her younger sister. Chelsia just thinks it’s cool that a girl plays hockey with Brady Brady. I just bought the Big Mistake and it made the girls think before taking things without asking. Once again bless you, your devoted mother and fan.

I am writing this for my own Brady who is 6 years old and lives for hockey. The Brady Brady in your books are exactly like him. He spent two hours on Monday cleaning the snow off his own backyard rink. No way would he come in the house until he had all the snow off. I can’t wait for your next books.

I want to thank you for your Brady Brady books. I purchased the books for my own Brady Brady who is four years old and enjoying his first year of hockey. It is my eight year old son who has truly benefited from your books. He has a reading learning disability and gets most of his self esteem and self confidence on the hockey rink. Your books have allowed him to gain self confidence in the reading arena as well. Sincere thanks for creating such wonderful boy-friendly stories. We look forward to more.
Hello Mary & Chuck, thank you for coming up with the idea of “Brady Brady”. I came across two of his books last September in Terrace just when Tiny Tot Hockey started up, and since then my 3 1/2 year old daughter is getting into hockey more and more. We read both of her books every night before she goes to bed. But I cannot find the other books. I am sure she would love the twirling one with the girl – I don’t know how to go about finding them. If you can, please get back to me on stores that sell “Brady Brady” stuff. Do you make T-shirts? Videos? Hockey Hogs Jerseys? My daughter would love to have a Hog Jersey!! Thanks and keep rolling out the books, and hope to see merchandise soon!

Last week my 2 year old son was feeling lousy, so his dad cheered him up by bringing home “Brady Brady and the Great Rink”. What a treat! 4 days (and about 16 readings) later, he ends his day with the cheer – “We’ve got the power, we’ve got the might, we’ve got the spirit – who turned out the light?”

I just picked up 4 of the books and two copies of the coloring book while visiting Columbus, OH and seeing the Nationwide Arena for the first time. I am a long term hockey nut. Brady Brady is awesome. It brings back so many fond memories and also teaches great lessons. My sons are 4.5 (finishing his 3rd season of playing hockey) and 3.5 and we read every single night. I cannot even try to read anything else but Brady Brady. I see the fund raising and school and league interaction possibilities. I will strongly consider them as I work my way into my sons’ hockey worlds; coaching, teaching, etc. Thank you so much. When is the television show going to come about? The movie? There is a huge audience for this and our world is so difficult to raise our kids in that we welcome the help that Brady Brady provides. Good show!!!